Videos about Fracked Gas, This Pipeline and Its Opposition


“Sabal Trail pipeline construction is completely devatasting to Levy County resident Robin Koon property. Land stripped down to make way for PIPELINE with NO RESPECT FOR ashes of loved ones and FEET FROM sink”

Get to know our FLA history and as we have been told… history often repeats itself. If that is true than this pipeline can and will be stopped. MUST see to #stopSABALTRAIL !!! Well done video about the Florida Cross Barge Canal, everyone said that was going to happen too. The pipeline is intending to go through the Greenway (Citrus County), the same area of the state where that Barge Canal was slated years ago. The pipeline has not begun serious construction in Citrus County, not yet, let’s not let it happen. #waterislife It ain’t a gas pipe till the gas in the pipeline!



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