Update on getting the Sabal Trail pipe-sitters out of jail

[Update: All are out of jail and awaiting court. Thank you to those donated and supported the people who were arrested in this action.]

from Sabal Trail Resistance

Early on the morning of February 22, STR received word there were two people, Karrie Kay Ford and Niko Segal-Wright, inside a stretch of pipeline along FL-200 near the Halpata Tastanaki preserve in southwest Marion County, near Dunnellon. They are refused to come out until the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for Sabal Trail (and the whole Southeast Market Pipelines project) was revisited to fully include an assessment of impacts on environmental justice communities and school children along the route and in the blast zone for accidents.

From their statement: “We are taking action against the Sabal Trail Pipeline because we dont need more energy infrastructure poisoning this land. The world and our future generations are at risk, so we are demanding the immediate halt to this toxic project.”

Days prior to this action, Karrie and Niko were interviewed by The Final Straw radio show, and elaborated eloquently on their position about the pipeline.

Their action spurred much news coverage and social media buzz, as well as inspiring a renewed pressure campaign on Senator Bill Nelson’s office (where word has it the phone lines were tied up all day.) Instead of meeting their reasonable demand for an adequate EIS, they met with threats of tear gas and K-9 dog attacks, and ultimately were dragged out from 250 feet deep into the pipe, where they were locked to each other and to a concrete box.

Thankfully, they are in good spirits, despite being banged up from the long drag. But they are now facing multiple felony charges, including “grand theft” for including grand theft over 20-thousand dollars, for temporarily depriving the company from the use of their pipeline. They are being held on $19,000 bond, total between the two.

[Bond was reduced to $13,000 at the First Appearance hearing. Fundraising is continuing for long-term legal support for these felony charges.]


DONATE HERE towards the bail fund to get STR pipe-sitters, Karrie and Niko, out of Marion County jail!  Or get in touch if you would consider offering the collateral on this bond. We are hoping to have this resolved by 10am tomorrow. Also, if you can make it to Ocala by 8:30am, they will have First Appearance at the Ocala County Courthouse, Grand Jury Room, in front of Judge Thomson.

Come learn about this sort of action, and more, this weekend at STR’s Peltier Not Pipelines Action Camp

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