STR Legal Defense Updates

[This post will be updated as new information reaches us. 4/19/17]

Over the past several weeks, organizers with STR have been circulating thousands of flyers letting people know about upcoming water protector trials in Suwannee County based on pending charges from an action that blocked pipeline drilling activity under the Suwannee River on MLK Day in January.

The flyers explained that the court was going to be releasing a trial schedule on April 18 for three people who were contesting their charges.

Suwannee 8 flyer

Jury selection was slated to begin on the morning of April 24, 9 a.m. at the courthouse in Live Oak. But in the past week, all three received notice last week that their charges were dropped!

This means the six people who were arrested at the Suwannee drill site do not currently have active cases against them. Thank you to everyone who donated, showed up to court and spread the word about this legal defense effort.

There are still two open cases in Suwannee, for people facing felony trespass from an action at the compressor station in Suwannee County, also on MLK Day. One of their cases is set for trial on May 11 at the courthouse in Live Oak. Please mark your calendar and plan to be there.

In addition, there are still pending cases in Gilchrist and Marion Counties. We are still raising funds for these pending cases. Please donate if you can, and help spread the word.

More info to come soon.


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