Solidarity from STR to Prison Rebels Planning Operation PUSH in FL, Jan 15

Last month STR organizers heard word spreading about another possible prisoner strike in Florida. Last year, our organizing against the Sabal Trail pipeline kicked off on the heels of the massive September strike, where at least 10 prisons participated, shaking the foundation of Florida’s Department of Corrections (DOC).

This year in August, another strike was called for August 19, and the DOC preempted it by locking down the whole system for days.

Now prisoners in Florida are calling for another coordinated day of action on January 15.

This is MLK Day, the same time of anti-pipeline escalation last year. This will kick-off what the prisoners are calling Operation PUSH, a work stoppage of indefinite length. Our friends at the Campaign to Fight Toxic Prisons re-posted this call to action from SPARC, and we are also choosing to support the effort, particularly highlighting the overlap in concern between the the Union/Bradford phosphate mine and the Reception and Medical Center (RMC) state prison near Lake Butler, which would be surrounded by the mine.

In our rural organizing efforts noticed that some of the same counties being preyed on by the pipeline pushers and phosphate companies were also home to massive prison complexes. Similar to rural residents and natural ecosystems, prisoners were also viewed as expendable, or even disposable in the construction and operation of these industrial facilities and infrastructure.

We are committed to standing against the energy empire and the police state that so often defends it, and we hope you’ll join us. Our next gathering is a camp out on December 30 at Tumble Farm in an near the Santa Fe River that is also threatened by the proposed mine.


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